A real estate investor by Choice & Successful by Hard Work

His first step towards real estate was his mobile home dealership because of which he attended a seminar on real estate investment that provided him with the incentive to make the leap.

After successful achievements as an insurance agent, Terry owns one selling machine distribution company along with one mobile home dealership, where he found out that he is having some interest in real estate.

Terry got a good idea from a seminar on the benefits of real estate, but unfortunately the seminar failed to provide him with the tools he needed to succeed. He didn’t accept the defeat and ran headlong into one of the most unrevealed real estate secrets and succeeded in his aim.

Learning through mistakes

A real estate investor by Choice & Successful by Hard Work

Like all other beginners, Terry also made the same mistakes that every immature investor makes in the first six months of his active investing. He lost more than $500,000 in order to overcome the mistakes that he made. His inexperience and mistakes with lack of knowledge made him go through the importance of real estate in property values again and again.

Consequently, he started overpaying for his property. Apart from all this, he worked with realtor’s that didn’t understand his needs and he also made the mistake of working with contractors which were more skilled and cunning at separating him from his money.

He learned from all the mistakes that he made during six month training period because of which he was able to obtain a doctorate level in real estate. With the help of his business experience, and with the help of a series of intelligent real estate investments, he was able to develop one of the largest real estate companies in the southern part of US.

His beliefs in real estate investing

A real estate investor by Choice & Successful by Hard Work

Terry believes in working smartly along with hard work. He just had a staff of three, but still he was able to close the deals between 200 and 250 every year. The main reason behind the flowing cash in his company was getting the property at an extreme discount and immediately selling it for a high price.

Real estate was his passion because of which he found out ways to great deals that other person’s wouldn’t have touched. With the help of financing in institutions, he tried to invest in every reasonable form of real estate. Some of these institutions include houses, apartments, condo conversions, commercial properties, land deals and small developments. The re-sale houses should be in a moderately good condition for rehabilitation. Thus, the valuable advice of Terry can help you a lot in buying properties.