Home Repair – Why Are Freshly Painted Walls Are Already Peeling

The flaking paint on the wall cases or peeling, indeed very often happens and many people do experience with it. This often leads people annoyed and often blame the quality of the paint is bad. The wall is new but you need to do home repair due this cases.

Home Repair - Why Are Freshly Painted Walls Are Already Peeling

Paint flaking can happens because of your wall is too humidity, this could be happen because of seepage water from the bad gutters, whose was constructed with not good or your wall condition is a contiguous with the park. Water that contented on your park will creped on pores of the wall so that make your wall is always was wet. Or it could be because the construction of the wall that is not good.

If when the wall constructed the cement and sand was not exactly mixture or time for drying processing is too short it can be make the wall will be containing high salts alkaline and its make hard to fix because the renovation of the wall maybe can influence of construction of your home.

If currently your wall paint is peeling but the condition of the wall look good enough, then most likely it happens because there is something wrong in paint process, such as:

The condition of the wall may not be completely dry when painted.
The quality of putty is low so the putty becomes raised when the walls are painted.
Painting on a surface that containing dust, dirt, or oil resources so that make the adhesive of paint being reduced.
Most often happens when doing repainting is was not scraped away the old paint in the first layer so the old paint that have lower adhesive will easily chipped by a new paint that have higher quality.
After already know the causes of paint peeling on the wall, and then solution that must be taken is:

Home Repair - Why Are Freshly Painted Walls Are Already Peeling

Fix sources of leakage, so that water does not seep into wall.
Scrape the paint layer that was flaky until the surfaces, then clean the surface from the dust and dirt, it was only overlaying with prime paint or undercoat, let the prime paint are drying perfectly.
Only use good quality paint where the adhesive and its elasticity are good so it has a long durability. Use wall paints that containing acrylic especially for exterior wall. When painting, let the initial layer dries perfectly apply new layers of the second and so on.
Hopefully this information makes us understand about some causes that make your wall will flaky or peeling and the solution.